Mets need to give Flores more time

Wilmer Flores has seemed like the odd man out for a few years now. He was almost traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for CF Carlos Gomez. When the deal fell through, the City of New York seemed to fall in love with the Venezuelan infielder.

In 2015, Flores played 137 games while accumulating 483 at-bats. During that span, Flores his 22 doubles, 16 home runs with a .263/.295/.408 slash line. Granted, I’m sure a manager would like to see Flores rock a higher .OBP, but even with that flaw in his game, he’s still producing.

In 2016, Flores’ playing time was cut as he only played 103 games but once again, the infielder was producing. He sported a .267/.319/.469 slash line but he also matched his home run amount from the year before, which was 16 as well as hit 14 doubles.

2017 wasn’t so much different for Wilmer. He played in 110 games with 336 at-bats while hitting 17 doubles & 18 home runs. This season, Flores has 12 doubles as well as 7 home runs in just 170 at-bats.

If the Mets do decide to trade Asdrubal Cabrera during the trade deadline, Wilmer Flores has to be next in line to prove himself. The man can only sit on the bench for so long while putting up “semi” full time numbers.


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