Corné’s Cut: Who did the Mets get in return for Cabrera?

By Corné Hogeveen

Thanks for the memories Asdrubal Cabrera. This trade was bound to happen and I’m surprised by what the Mets received in return.

Franklyn Kilome is an intriguing arm. He’s been working as a starter with power stuff. Kilome is a long guy with high BB and K numbers.

He could eventualy be developed as a late inning reliever. Kilome was the #68th overall prospect according to Baseball Prospectus before the 2018 season had started.

He has struggled a bit this year but has been great in July with a 2.16 ERA, holding hitters to a .609 ops. Again, he needs some work but could be something special out of the pen, & that kind of potential for Cabby is a great return

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