Mets Junkies: #TheWeekendRoundTable – pt. 2

  • Here are the questions and answers to this weekend’s Mets Junkies Round Table.
    • Next DFA pick off the Mets 40 man roster?
  • Gem: Drew Gagnon shouldn’t have been on the 40 man as long as he was. Wasn’t considered a prospect and the Mets should have DFA’d him before Cecchini.
  • Corné: With the Mets improving the bullpen a lot, I think this means the Mets will have some bullpen arms that could be the next to be DFA’d. Three arms that could be on the bubble are Peterson, Sewald and Rhame. I believe they all could be the next but my guess is Peterson. We have seen Sewald adjusting his motion to a more lower armslot and think they want to see if that makes an improvement for Sewald. Rhame has the better stuff than Peterson so that leaves Peterson as my main next DFA candidate.
  • Andrew: I’m going to say Drew Gagnon. With Lugo, Oswalt, Lockett, and Dowdy on the 40 man the Mets have a fair amount of options if someone in the rotation goes down.
  • David: Drew Gagnon. He is 29, not that great and probably shouldn’t have been added in the first place.
    • Do you believe in Jason Vargas second half or do you want another starter signed on a MLB deal?
  • Gem: Believe it or not, I don’t think his second half was a fluke. I have no clue what went wrong with him the so quickly out of the gate but I can’t see another stretch like that. I believe there will be a bunch of pitchers available once the season starts or the Mets may even be better off trading a couple of prospects around the July deadline.
  • Corne: It’s always good to look to improve your roster, but it makes no sense to give a MLB deal to a guy who is projected the same as Vargas. Vargas had a very solid second half and I believe he will be around his career norm in 2019. Give you innings and pitch to an ERA around 4.20. I’m perfectly fine with that as our fifth starter. Still need depth tho.
  • Andrew: There’s no doubt Vargas pitched much better in the second half of the season. I think with some of the players I mentioned in the previous question I feel fine with Vargas starting the year in the rotation but if we see the Jason Vargas of May and June then I think you can replace him with Lugo or Oswalt.
  • David: I’d prefer another starter but doubt the Mets will get rid of Vargas. Just because he had some decent low pressure starts in September doesn’t mean that we can rely on his for a full season.
    • Out of Handhold, Bashlor and Drew Smith? Who will have the best career?

    Gem: I was all about Drew Smith when the Mets acquired him and I can’t leave the man hanging now. No really, I like what I see with Smith and will HOPEFULLY stick around.

    Corné: Hanhold has major stuff. A high 90s Sinking Fastball that misses bats. He had a 10.4 K/9 in MLB (including his mlb stint) pairing his FB with a solid slider. He is my pick to have the best career.

    Andrew: I’m a big Drew Smith fan. He did not do well coming into a game with runners on base but give him a clean inning and he did very well. I think he can easily improve his inherented runners on base number and prove to be a valuable arm in the bullpen.

    David: Drew Smith strikes me as the best of the bunch.

    • Who will play the most innings in CF?

    Gem: Wow, my guess is going to be Nimmo, with McNeil in left, and Conforto in right. It’ll be a rough for McNeil to start off his outfield experience in the most demanding of the three. Conforto has played center in the past however he does have a decent amount of right field experience and with Nimmo being the younger, faster, and more agile player, it only makes sense to slot him back in center field. I don’t think the Mets will suffer defensively in the outfield.

    Corné: Nimmo, with McNeil getting a lot of time in LF I see Nimmo getting the most innings in CF. Broxton and Lagares will play their part there as well and if injuries occur their is no doubt that it will be Broxton or Lagares. I still think Lagares could be traded as him and Broxton are pretty identical players. If not they are both depth who will play CF late and make some starts, plus the mentioned injuries that can occur.

    Andrew: I’ll go with Nimmo. I think the Mets really want to make sure McNeil is in the lineup a good amount of the time which would mean he’ll most likely be playing LF. If that’s the case in would play Conforto in RF and shift Nimmo to CF.

    David: Keon. Lagares will get injured and Keon will play quite a bit.

      Will Todd Frazier make it the whole season as a Met?
  • Gem: I think the Mets would be willing to keep Frazier if he accepted a bench role with a few more AB’s due to double switches. I just don’t know if Frazier would be willing to accept that role, especially if he plans to play next year. He won’t want to be dubbed as a platoon or bench player.
  • Corné: The Mets will contend. So think Frazier will be a big part of the Mets Bench/Depth. He will stay a Met this whole season.
  • Andrew: I’ll say yes. It’s inevitable that someone will get hurt this year and I think keep Frazier around will be beneficial with his ability to play both corner infield positions.
  • David: Yes. I doubt he will get traded. The only question will be how many games he plays in.
    • How many innings will Matz pitch?

    Gem: We’re not going to see 200 innings out of Matz yet. He’s obviously had a substantial injury history but I can see him only doing one D.L. stint, paired up with Callaway possibly manipulating the rotation to finesse a extra day off every now and then. I’ll put him at 175.

    Corné: 175. Matz will have a big season and will increase his regular season with 21 more innings. Another step forward for Matz

    Andrew: I think Matz will get to 180 innings pitched if he stays healthy. Despite his 5-11 record I really like what I saw from Matz this past season. He seemed a lot more calm on the mound and took to Dave Eiland’s pitching hitters inside philosophy. I’d like to see Matz continue to improve on what he did last year.

    David: I will go with around 140 innings

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