TdA is a perfect fit for the Royals and the Mets should pull the trigger

I should start this out by giving a shot out to Maria Teresa for bringing the news about Sal Perez’ injury to my attention as well as conceiving the notion to this potential move. Now, there hasn’t been any rumors that link these two teams together however, it makes a tremendous amount of sense.

With Sal Perez going down for a substantial amount of time, the Royals should implore the idea of trying to acquire the Mets backstop. d’Arnaud was actually the centerpiece of the trade between the BlueJays and the Mets, when the Mets traded away R.A. Dickey (who had just won the N.L. Cy Young) and Josh Thole for John Buck, Travis d’Arnaud, Noah Syndergaard and Wilmer Beccera.

The former first round pick by the Philadelphia Phillies doesn’t make a ton of money in comparison to his peers and although many would disagree with me on this, d’Arnaud still does have some upside.

I don’t expect him to throw out any burners on the path however he does work well with pitchers and was highly recognized as one of the best framers behind the plate, I believe that should count for something. Let’s not forget his ability to hit, while he hasn’t consistently blown anyone way, you can clearly see that the pop is there and can hit over .250, I just wouldn’t expect a heavy OBP from the right hander.

I don’t expect much in return from the Royals, but in this instance, I would pull the trigger just to see him flourish in another scene.

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