Keon Broxton is a stand up dude

I know there’s going to be a lot of fans out there that’ll be mad at this because of his lack of hitting this spring. But animals are awesome! And puppies are the freaking best!!

Broxton started to care for a litter of eight puppies after the mother contracted “milk fever”. When he returns home after a day at the ballpark, he relieves his girlfriend of bottle duties as the couple try to nurse the litter back to health.

Broxton has been breeding dogs for sometime now, in his Tampa residence and shows them off on his Instagram account (@BroxtonJacks).

Broxton says “There’s really not much more that I can do besides provide a good, soft space for them to nurse and sleep and stuff… it’s pretty simple.”

Broxton is battling both Juan Lagares and Carlos Gomez for a bench spot, two of the three will likely make the club but there’s no guarantees.

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