So maybe we should keep Dom Smith…

Update: Smith is now batting .500/ .583/ .500/ 1.083 with four RBI’s in 10 at-bats. Smith has also been superb defensively at first base.

I’m shocked at what I’m writing, truly. However, I really think Dom Smith and Chili Davis are really clicking on the philosophy within the batters box. Keep in mind like a lot of other people, I thought the Mets would be lucky to get a Double A reliever in return.

Smith made his first start of the season on Tuesday against Jose Ureña and the Marlins in Miami and went 2-5 off of the infamous righty. Ureña, of course is best known for beaning Acuña of the Braves late last season.

In a very small sample size of work this season, Smith is 4-9 with three R.B.I.’s, that’s a .444/ .500/ .444/ .944 clip. Yes, it’s a super small sample size, but with less pressure on the former first rounder, this may be his time to shine while donning the Orange & Blue.

Let’s not forget that “Big D”, Dom Smith is coming off of a hot Spring Training while all eyes were on his teammate Pete Alonso since his first simulated at-bat with Jacob deGrom, this happened almost right after they checked into Port St. Lucie.

I’m not calling for Dom Smith to take over the starting role at any position, especially with everyone (mostly) healthy right now. But if Smith could pull off 300 calculated at-bats, it’ll be a productive season for the young first baseman.

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