The Mets need to confront this issue

By Gino Gallo,

Today was an extremely eye opening game in St. Louis. As this team moves forward through the season, it is absolutely imperative that they make a huge adjustment. The New York Mets are currently seemingly willing to concede a game once every 5th day. If any of the four main starters are hurt for any amount of time, they are now in the position to basically concede two games out of every 5. Whenever Vargas pitches it seems as if 4 innings is enough for his start to be considered a “success.” However, they often are down throughout his 4 innings and not only are they climbing out if a deficit on the offensive end but they are blowing through their bullpen. This cannot go on for a full season.

As well as Brodie did stacking this offense with plenty of depth, he completely overlooked the starting pitching depth. A team willing to go into every fifth game with a minuscule chance of victory is a team setting itself up for disaster. Gagnon, Flexen, and Oswalt are all less then impressive. None of them are able to give the team any depth and are often hit very hard. So what exactly is this team going to do going forward? There are options that must be explored.

If James Shields is willing to take a one year deal, there is no reason not to sign him. He isn’t great but he is fine for a fifth starter. Brodie must explore Gio Gonzalez. Once again, Gio isn’t what he was but he is much better then Vargas or any of the “depth” at pitching. As the season moves forward, two teams to keep an eye on are the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Tigers. Once either of those two teams fall out of contention, Boyd or Archer can be two targets the Mets can seriously be in play for.

Finally there is the in house solution. Brodie can baptize Kay or Stevenson on fire and bring them up early. It’s not as if they are 19 years old. Perhaps pushing them up quick will be a revelation.

Whatever the team does, one thing is for sure, this formula is not going to work. Burning your entire bullpen every 5th day and pretty much marking up an L before the game starts is a dangerous game. So maybe Shields and Gio will do. How about bringing up Stevenson and trading for Archer? Whatever Brodie decides, he better get creative and he also better move quickly. Games in April and May count just as much as those in August.

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