Mets Junkies Weekly Review

By Jacob Yohe

News on the Mets

Jason Vargas had a 7-9 record last year and struggled to start the 2019 season. He is 1-1 with a 5.75 ERA with fifteen strikeouts. His last 3 starts have been a lot better though. He has only given up but one run and twelve strikeouts. If he puts behind his struggles and the fan base supports him. Maybe we won’t need starting pitching help. His spot in the rotation is safe right now. I would put him on a short leash.

Anthony Kay continues his hot start for Binghamton, he owns a 1.52 ERA with thirty three strikeouts in 6 games. Brandon Nimmo started out slow and still has not found his groove yet. He has been hitting an average of .215, which has turned into a ton of strikeouts. Jeff McNeil has been hitting excellent and has thirty eight hits, and holds a .352 average.

Pete Alonso won NL rookie of the month and has thirty two hits and nine home runs with a .291 average. deGrom and Syndergaard look like they are going to be just fine. We just have to produce runs when they pitch. Steven Matz and Zach Wheeler have been pitching a lot better I think they are one of the most important things to our success.

Unfortunately we need bullpen help badly and need to probably trade for a piece or sign Craig Kimbrel. Familia is on injured reserve maybe that injury was the reason he was pitching bad. Let’s hope he starts pitching better when he gets back. If the Mets can get the bullpen going we could have an amazing year that would result in the playoffs. But if they don’t change what’s going on with the bullpen this team will struggle big time.

In Review, Mets have some great talent but if they don’t put it together it’s going to be very disappointing. Changes need to be made in order for our potential to skyrocket. Without changes, we will not see the playoffs. Let’s hope that they get it right and have a great season.

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