Premature Panic City

By Gino Gallo,

How many times are we going to immediately rush to fire Callaway after losing the first game of a series. It’s getting incredibly ridiculous. Mickey Callaway is not the best manager in baseball. In fact, Mickey Callaway is probably closer to the bottom of the list. However look at what happens when the Players produce…

Vargas throws a complete game shut out, Matz pitches extremely well, Noah Pitches immaculately on Sunday. Guess what? We win all those games, handily.

Alonso and Frazier chip in with plenty of production, as well as Rosario and McNeil. I wonder what will happen to this team if the players actually produce.

Did I say I wonder? I’m sorry, I know 100% what will happen if the players produce. This team is a force to be reckoned with, especially when the starting pitching is firing on all cylinders. That looks to be the trend and you should all be extremely confident if deGrom and Noah begin to roll, this team will not just compete, but win!

In previous articles I’ve stated a few things. I said the Nationals were overrated. I said Amed Rosario would hit and blossom this year, and finally I said this team would be a playoff team. Two of these predictions have come to fruition. The third one will as well.

Get ready for a split with the Yankees and then a tremendous run completely predicated on the prowess of our starters! You heard it here first at Mets Junkies. A storm is coming, Alonso, Conforto, McNeil, Rosario and company will bring the thunder, and our rotation will strike with unrelenting lightening… Here we go!

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