State of the Union

By Gino Gallo,

If you have eyes, you know that was an absolutely brutal series. The Bullpen made the Nationals bullpen look like it is paved with Cy Young award winners. Although the Offense and starting pitching was up to par, not only did that series humiliate the team, it possibly put Noah and Vargas on the shelf. If you’ve been a Met Junkie all year you know I’m probably one of the more passionate as well as optimistic columnists. This was disastrous and even my optimistic attitude took a right hook and put me on the canvas this weekend.

However, baseball just like life, is all about the fight is it not? It’s a game of getting back up off the mat when the public thinks you’ve been dealt a knockout blow. So first and foremost, this team has got to stand back up. I firmly believe that they will. Yet despite getting up, you need a strategy, to keep yourself in the fight.

Let’s start with this abomination Brodie calls a bullpen. I’m immediately signing both Adisson Reed and Cody Allen. Both of those pitchers are atleast pieces you can use! The team cannot keep swapping out Zamora, Santiago, Flexen, Rhame, Ect. Also you cannot count on anyone but Lugo and Gsellman and that’s only a rested Gsellman. Gsellman on little rest is not reliable. So let the bullpen read something like this, sign Reed and Allen, stick with Lugo and Gsellman, and until Familia has an epiphany, use him for mop up duties, and give Diaz a chance or two more to straighten it out.

Bring up Zamora as your lefty and leave him up as well as using Wilmer Font a lot more, he looks better then most of the scrubs we’ve been running out there. If Reed and Allen stink, all it does is put us right back in our current situation but it is worth the shot!

If Noah or Vargas has to miss a start, stop the Oswalt/Gagnon nonsense and bring Anthony Kay up now! I don’t care if he got lit up like a Christmas Tree in his AAA debut! Get him up now, not only can he provide a spark for the team and the fan base, if he looks good, you can also put him in the pen. The Cardinals do it all the time. There’s absolutely no problem with having a rookie start off coming out of the pen, then moving him into the rotation the next season. Kay isn’t 21 years old. It’s time we see what he has, I’m not worried about the AAA team winning a title. Sorry Syracuse.

Finally, run your best lineup out there every single day. Smith and Alonso both need to be on the field. McNeil doesn’t need two days off every week. He needs to be on the field! If these guys are performing while Canó or anybody else isn’t, there’s plenty of room on the bench. And let’s get a bit more consistent with the lineup. I dont care if the team uses a lefty lineup and a righty lineup, however can we see more consistancy? It’s a MLB lineup, not the Sunday morning jumbles.

I understand things are bad right now and it’s starting with the bullpen, but don’t give up yet. Until all our strategies have exhausted themselves and nothing else is left but losing, dont quit on the team.

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