Are the Mets buying or selling?

Buster Olney has reported through Twitter that the Mets are indicating to other ball clubs that they want to wait a little longer before they have to approach that decision. Olney is also reporting that this is a common theme within the league right now.

I love my New York Mets but I think there’s a few players we should throw up on the trading block. If Olney is right and the common theme right now is to hold onto players, then the Mets might get a little bit more value for a few players right now, if they are willing to sell that is.

We all know that there are teams looking into Zack Wheeler and understandably so, but the Mets should try to sell Justin Wilson, as well. After all, he’s a lefty out of the bullpen with a great track record.

If torn on trading Wilson Ramos, I mean let’s just say that we do, we’re probably just going to be complaining that we can’t ever find a catcher that can hit the ball. The truth is, Ramos shouldn’t have been catching as much as he is in the first place and a set rotation with a set catcher wouldn’t have been a bad idea from the very beginning of Spring Training. Now, instead, we’re actually entertaining the idea of trading a catcher that’s really good in the batter’s box.

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