All-Star Media Day: Jacob deGrom

After Pete Alonso finished up with his time with the media surrounded by MLB Network, Jacob deGrom took some questions from reporters as well.

“You know from my perspective, and I’ve said it multiple times last year, I think my thing is to just focus on what I’m trying to do. I have a pretty set routine I try to follow in between starts and try and get ready to go out there and put us in a position to win. So, I try to block out the distractions, you know I think everyone handled it pretty well in the clubhouse of trying to block it out and focus on winning baseball games and we know we have a job to do and we’re not pleased with how the first half went but there’s a lot of baseball left, so hopefully we’ll come out and play really good baseball in the second half.”

He then added “My main focus is taking the ball every fifth day and preparing the best I can for the team I’m about to face.”

He was asked if the baseballs feel any different from the past and he noted that he’s felt similar blisters to the ones he’s had in 2017 but had no issues with it in 2018, his Cy Young year. However, he stated with a grin that he really hadn’t looked too much into it and that he’s probably the wrong person to ask.

When asked if he had advice for Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso on their first invite to the All-Star Game and deGrom replied, “Take it all in, my first time I was really nervous and I don’t think I got to enjoy it as much as I would’ve like to, looking back. My advice to them was ‘Take it all in and really enjoy the experience because it really is neat.”

Jacob went ahead and spoke about how he wishes he could have a few starts back and that likely everyone in the Mets clubhouse has felt a similar feeling. deGrom also touches upon how he signed his five-year deal with the goal and expectations to win a World Series.

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