Syndergaard has words for MLB reporter

The Mets played a 16 inning game last night and as you would expect, players were tired, both physically and mentally. That’s completely understandable, especially since the team just got to San Francisco from Minnesota.

However after the game, Mets pitcher and recorded losing pitcher of the night answered questions by his locker, as a 30-year rookie absolutely should.

Mets beats writer and reporter Anthony DiComo later tweeted this,

“After one of the tougher Mets losses of this season, there was a pretty stark difference between losing pitcher Chris Mazza, who stood in front of his locker and answered every question, and starter Noah Syndergaard, who bolted the clubhouse without answering any.”

Syndergaard, a man who’s not at all shy with his comments and responses, especially through Twitter, later replied to DiComo and tweeted this,

“This is what you go with after a tough 16 inning marathon loss? Anthony, I have been nothing but respectful and professional with you over the years. If you had an issue w me, talk to me in person like a man. This is below you, you’ve changed our relationship in 1 tweet. Congrats”

I could understand Anthony DiComo’s frustration with not having any of his questions answered, however, the tweet should have surrounded the fact the Mazza took the L and answered all the questions after the game. DiComo’s tweet didn’t need to have Syndergaard’s name involved, at all, instead, it’s just another mess involving the media.

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