Tension between Syndergaard and the Front Office?

Buster Olney of ESPN has been on top of a lot of decent information this time of the year and he’s currently reporting that other teams are aware of the tension that’s going on between the Syndergaard and the Mets front office.

Executives also believe that it will play a role in the decision of trading the right hander.

Usually this time of year, Syndergaard will jokingly tweet about his name ending up in the rumor mill however this time around, the tall righty posted a picture of himself looking concerned as well saying something along the lines of him not sure of what’s going on.

Earlier today, he tweeted a picture of himself at-bat and referenced that no one wants him but he’ll always have Thor’s hammer by his side.

This may just be all apart of the game, I’m not sure. But there very well maybe a rift between Noah and the front office.

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