Asdrubal Cabrera on why he chose Nationals

Asdrubal Cabrera shared that he’d also received an offer from the New York Mets however he declined the chance to come back to Flushing and signed with another former team of his, the Washington Nationals.

Cabrera said that he essentially chose the Nationals due to some friction, or lack their of, between him and the Mets during the off-season. The veteran infielder was very public at the time about wanting to rejoin the Mets clubhouse and to be honest, you can’t really blame him.

So Cabrera opted to sign with the Nationals due to a personal grudge of not being “called back” before the Mets decided to ink Jed Lowrie.

I like Cabrera but get over it, buddy. There’s still love for you in Flushing, just take it and run.

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