Syndergaard speaks about catching situation

Noah Syndergaard spoke to reporters before Tuesday’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in regards to there being a “livid” meeting between the Mets star pitcher and upper management.

While he did acknowledge that he did indeed meet with upper management, however Syndergaard felt it was a “cordial” and “adult” meeting. Syndergaard has this to say “the whole idea that we had a ‘livid’ conversation or that I was ‘livid’ with conversation, that’s completely false.”

Syndergaard added “We had a very cordial and adult conversation about the matter. As far as Wilson, I have nothing but respect for the guy, that doesn’t change our relationship between one another, he busts his ass everyday and I have the ultimate respect for him.”

However, he also said in reference to Jacob deGrom’s and Devin Mesaraco’s relationship on field, “What those two did last year was like watching Bob Ross paint a painting, he said. “It was artful.”

Syndergaard has taken the mound 15 times this season with Wilson Ramos behind the dish and has posted an ERA of 5.09 while posting an ERA just north of 2, to the combination of Nido and Rivera. Overall, the tall right hander owns a 10-7 record while posting a 4.06 ERA and striking out 176 batters in 175 innings pitched.

I thought it got a little interesting when Syndergaard also said that his “main concern was having an open dialogue with the front office and coaching staff.” Does this mean that there have been issues with communication between Front Office and Syndergaard in the past? While I personally feel that this is nothing and probably should have never caught wind, I do also understand why anyone would be concerned about the situation.

Syndergaard has been great throughout his career so far and it’s been a blast watching him play as well as watching him growing up, not only him but with a lot of these kids. While I’m a big fan and advocate of Ramos and him remaining with the Mets as well, I don’t see why the team isn’t giving into Thor’s request. I don’t see this as a egotistical request or move, I mean, just look at those numbers.

3 thoughts on “Syndergaard speaks about catching situation

  1. The likelihood is that Noah grew up dominating opposing hitters practically his entire youth and probably bullied his way up ladder thru the minors with a powerful fastball doing so as well. As a very hard thrower, he focused more on falling in love with the feeling of blowing hitters away with his 100mph fastballs. Hence… his one, well documented scientific project, during which one recent off-season program consisted of lifting weights in an attempt to throw even harder the next year!. We all know the story of how that worked out (or didn’t)! During the same time period, he had a portly teammate we all referred to as “Big Sexy”, who quietly took the mound every 5th day, barely hit 91 on the radar gun on a good day but he masterfully worked his way into being the winningest pitcher all three years he was on the team and used the same catchers. I wonder how many times if any, Noah sat with that man and tried to discuss the art of actual pitching with him. Probably a lot less than we hoped. In 2019, notice how Noah’s fastball rarely reaches 100 mph anymore! In addition, this year… although his ratio is still very good, he’s already recorded more walks in a season than ever before. When you lose some velocity, hitters have a slightly better chance of taking more bad pitches. Another noticeable fact is that he’s also given up more “earned runs” this season than ever before (79), which means he’s been getting hit more… He also surpassed giving up the most career HR’s in a season (19), and the season is not over. The question I ask now is at what point did Wilson Ramos or anybody else have anything to do with releasing the baseball towards the plate? Is Wilson Ramos is the reason for his weaker numbers? Is it Ramos’ job to hold runners at first base?

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  2. Is Noah claiming that his problem has to do with Ramos calling pitches? Ramos has 2 no-hitters under his belt, both while catching Max Scherzer, one of the premier pitchers of this era. However, everyone who follows baseball closely knows that Scherzer has a game plan he prepares for the day he pitches and stays with that plan throughout the game. Ramos probably didn’t call the pitches for him during either one of those no-hitters. However, Scherzer walks on that mound with a pitching plan he believes in and follows it. Does Noah have a prepared plan on the day he pitches? If not, why is he blaming the catcher? deGrom used Ramos last night and he didn’t seem to have a problem! Then Lugo followed deGrom on the mound, whom we all know is also big on studying the game and has a pitching plan of his own… He throws to the same catcher (Ramos) and shakes him off regularly because he already has a game plan in mind on how to approach each hitter. Noah needs to stop pointing fingers elsewhere and stop whining because he’s actually the one releasing the baseball on the mound, not the catcher! Maybe instead of laughing at the fat guy a couple of years ago, he should have asked him for some “pitching pointers” like how to hold runners at 1st base! He should have realized that he could not sustain throwing a baseball at 100mph his entire career and eventually would be obligated to learn how to be a pitcher, just as all the great ones have, regardless of who the catcher is! Let’s Go METS!

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