Mickey Callaway on loss against Reds

After New York Mets starter Zack Wheeler went out to the hill and pitched a spectacular 7 two-run innings, one of which being earned, manager Mickey Callaway spoke to reporters after the game and when asked how much this loss hurts, the manager replied “It hurts, we had multiple chances, I think the way we lost hurts…”

The Mets second year manager also added, “a couple of mistakes in the field and then we had plenty of chances at the plate, we just didn’t come through, I think we struck out on almost every chance we had with runners in scoring position.”

Callaway also said “We needed a sac fly here, just touch the ball there, and we just didn’t get it done.”

With a lot of speculation surrounding Mickey Callaway and his job status for the 2020 season, a strong eight game run may help his cause however we already may have hit that point of no return.

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