Keith Hernandez addresses fans

Keith Hernandez recently took to Twitter after Carlos Beltrán came to the agreement with the New York Mets to step down from the managerial position just months after being hired for the job.

“Everybody, calm down. This current crisis is unfortunate to the nth degree, but not insurmountable. We have a solid team, good core of young everyday players, mixed with veterans, and a solid rotation. They have great camaraderie, spirit, a will to win, and they’re hungry.”

He then tweeted “This will all iron itself out. So sit back, enjoy life. Life is good. Stop stressing. Our season will hinge on our bullpen. Betances is a good gamble and he’s pitched in NY. Atlanta and Washington lost key offensive players. Division wide open and very competitive. So relax.”

I hate what’s going on with Beltrán (One of my favorite all-time players) but nothing else has changed about this stacked lineup, starting rotation, bullpen, as well as bench. While selecting a manager surely can’t be an easy task, he or she will at least have the 26 to 40 players that can do their jobs and win a championship in the upcoming 2020 campaign.

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