J.D. Davis on Astros cheating

On Friday morning, J.D. Davis backpedaled some after saying in December that he wasn’t aware of any cheating that the Astros were engaging in while he was still with the organization. The power hitting corner eventually sang a different song after MLB seemed to heighten the investigation with a few different teams.

Davis told reporters that he’s “ashamed” over the cheating that took place in 2017 and referred to it as “regrettable”. J.D. also said he was “starstruck” in 2017 when he was first called up to the Astros and didn’t know what he first thought about the sign-stealing.

“Everybody that’s part of the 2017 Astros, they feel regrettable about the decision.” said the former Houston Astros prospect. He added, “Looking back as a young guy, being exposed to that in 2017 and looking back and getting a full season now, of course it’s regrettable and you feel ashamed to be apart of it.”

Davis is still slated to have a big role in the upcoming 2020 campaign as he’s been putting in extra defensive reps in the outfield as well as the corner infield.

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