Update on Yoenis Cespedes

While Yoenis Cespedes continues to progress after an injury plagued year, it’s being reported that the Cuban born outfielder will not be ready for Saturday’s Spring Training games against the Marlins and Cardinals, Anthony DiComo writes on MLB.com.

DiComo writes that Cespedes is only running in straight lines and not at full speed. “He’s basically going through the schedule let’s say at 75% of it, 80% of what everyone else is doing,” manager Luis Rojas said. “That’s big news for us. Timeline, we don’t know yet. He’s got to go through this progression, and our performance staff is working closely with him. He’s doing a good job of it.”

The brand new manager also said that there’s no set date on his return however, “I think it was a really big week for him… He’s advancing. He’s progressing. He’s doing things every day that they just impress you. Out there, taking fly balls with the rest of the outfielders, obviously limited with the movement laterally and covering ground, but he’s going out there and he’s moving, getting behind balls, making throws.”

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