Conforto talks contract extension

Jon Harper of SNY asked Michael Conforto about his future with the New York Mets due to Conforto being a free agent after the 2021 season.

“At this point I’m just looking at being excited about this season,” Conforto said. “It would be nice to have the future set but it’s gotta make sense for me to do that. Maybe the conversation gets a little different next year but right now I’m just locked in on 2020.”

“Those are big decisions and it can become a distraction. If I go out there and play the way I’m capable of, everything will take care of itself. Scott’s got my best interests in mind but at the end of the day it’s my decision.”

Conforto is eluding to what many players have in the past, however due to Boras’ tumultuous relationship with the Mets, Conforto may have to take charge if he chooses to stay in Queens.

The Oregon native Michael Conforto hit .257/.363/.494 with 33 homers and 29 doubles in 151 games last season. Over his five-year career with the Mets, Conforto has a .253/.353/.481 slash line with 109 home runs.

Conforto will make $8 million in 2020 and will be due for another raise in 2021 before reaching free agency after the 2021 season — unless the Mets lock him up first.

Source: Jon Harper & SNY

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