Turning the corner with Carr

By Brendan Carr

Scott Soshnick who wrote the article this morning about the groups bidding on the Mets being pre approved by MLB to start bidding on the team was on with Joe and Evan before and said the following:

  1. Steve Cohen is NOT one of the pre approved bidders but and this is a huge but is still lurking around to the point where some of the bidders are worried the Cohen will blow them away at the end so he’s definitely not out of the picture.
  2. If the “J-Rod” group gets team Vinny Viola, the owner of the Florida Panthers would be the main guy and the decision maker and Mike Rapole would I guess be his right hand man. I’m not sure of what A-Rod’s role would be.
  3. The Reuben Brothers really are only interested in buying the team for the real estate around Citi Field
  4. The “J-Rod” Group right now seems to have the best chance at winning the whole thing.
  5. Bids will start tomorrow and in 2-3 weeks there will be a deadline to submit 1st round bids.
  6. When a deal gets finalized, it should be sometime in October (usually they happen after the World Series).
  7. The new owners wont be in place until either December 2020 or January 2021 but by the time the calendar flips to 2021 the Mets will finally have new owners.
  8. There is no favorite at this point its anyone’s best guess who will get the team.

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