Diaz primed to bounce back

There’s no beating around the bush, Edwin Diaz had a terrible 2019 as the Mets closer. When the Mets traded away two top prospects to the Seattle Mariners, they expected to receive a dominant closer that’s just entering his prime years.

Instead, Diaz ended up blowing seven saves and tacked on seven losses as well as pitching to a 5.59 ERA. While he wasn’t looking any better during Spring Training with an ERA of 6.00, that isn’t uncommon from a pitcher early on in the spring.

The third round pick hailing from Puerto Rico has pitched 249.0 innings in his career while striking out 400 batters and owning a 3.33 ERA.

2019 may have been more of an anomaly as opposed to a trend and his yearly statistics indicate just that. In 2018, Diaz put up a monster season with a 1.96 ERA and earned 57 saves.

In 2017, the right hander pitched to a 3.27 ERA while locking down 34 saves and as a rookie in 2016, he owned a 2.79 ERA and saved 18 games.

So I believe the Mets should be confident while going into the 9th inning with the lead, however if things don’t pan out as expected, Betances and Familia will be waiting in the wings. Newly named manager Luis Rojas even has one of the best relievers in baseball with Seth Lugo, so the options are plentiful but I don’t think that it’ll get to that point.

2 thoughts on “Diaz primed to bounce back

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