Mets fans must have a better understanding of Cespedes situation

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

Yoenis Cespedes has opted out for the 2020 MLB season, in quite a mysterious way yesterday.

Yesterday, Cespedes was nowhere in sight, and during the game, ignored the phone while the New York Mets had to send team security to his room. They were informed mid game via Cespedes’ agent that the slugger is indeed choosing to opt out.

Cespedes was struggling at the plate, however, his Covid concerns were because he has an ailing grandmother at home, and he chose safety over risk.

Could he have handled it better? For sure. However, we must understand that sometimes people are scared during this pandemic and rightfully so. It’s not as if Commissioner Rob Manfred has exactly the best grasp and control over the pandemic once it struck Major League Baseball.

Is Cespedes the first and only Met to make a bad decision? I hope the name Matt Harvey rings a bell. At least Cespedes has a valid reason. Harvey didn’t.

To put things into perspective, everyone has a different story. Could things have been done differently on Cespedes’ part? Yes. All it takes is a simple call. However, he’s not perfect, nor are anyone of us. Don’t judge your neighbors in times like these. Choose to be an understanding individual and be surprised at the results it brings you.

2 thoughts on “Mets fans must have a better understanding of Cespedes situation

  1. I think after missing an entire season, because he was playing cowboy, he should have been front and center for this year.
    It would have gone a long way to make amends with the fans.


  2. Doesn’t add up. You don’t just walk away after the Herculean effort he put in to come back. Plus, if he was worried about his grandmother, what took him so long opting out? Plus, anyone with a modicum of dignity and sense who had legit COVID -19 concerns would say goodbye to his teammates and the fans. So, despite your attempts to rehabilitate him, and barring a last minute comeback, Cespedes is an odd duck and classless jerk.


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