Alonso’s struggles won’t last

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

The New York Mets got lucky last year with then rookie Pete Alonso: he hit a massive total of 53 home runs last year. While this year Alonso has gotten off to a cool start, here’s why you shouldn’t be too worried in the grand scheme of things.

In 2020, Alonso has a .200 batting average, 13 hits, a -0.3 WAR and 2 Home Runs in 65 at bats total.

Yes, this is bad, however, we all expected some regression from Alonso in his sophomore year.

It’s fitting that Alonso would have some difficulty attempting to repeat his 2019 success story, yet an almost impossible feat for him to accomplish.

It isn’t impossible for him to find his groove later on down the stretch either. Many players start off cold then suddenly start playing better during the duration of the year.

We also are still in the middle of a pandemic. The players have families on their minds, and the risk of playing as well and spreading the virus.

Lots of things could throw off Alonso’s game. The fact that he hit 53 homers in a single year last season tells me he has unfinished business and that won’t be the last impressive season on his playing resume. Give him time.

5 thoughts on “Alonso’s struggles won’t last

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