Steve Cohen should target pitching in free agency

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

The Mets should know by now that Jacob DeGrom shouldn’t be the only pitcher pitching excellence out there. Here’s why new owner Steve Cohen should stress the importance of adding a few quality hurlers this off-season.

  1. In 2015, the Mets had an elite pitching force.
    Back to the days when Noah Syndergaard was an ace as well we go. The Mets were in the World Series, and it’s no shocker a few strong pitching performances helped that cause.
  2. Good pitching is a necessity. It’s essential if you want to contend. You’ll face some of the league’s most elite hitters down the stretch, so it’s best to be prepared.

To sum things up, Noah Syndergaard has regressed and Steven Matz, Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha have not helped the Mets’ cause at all. Jacob DeGrom remains the Mets lone star pitcher. Lets hope they consider rebuilding the rotation for multiple reasons.

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