We’ll get em’ next year

After Saturday afternoon’s loss to the Washington Nationals, the Mets have now been officially eliminated from play-off contention.

With the loss of Noah Syndergaard to TJS, Yoenis Cespedes and Marcus Stroman opting out of their final year of their contracts due to COVID concerns… or financial, the team was never in a great position to succeed.

New acquisitions like Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha both pitched to expectation in my opinion, it’s just that my expectations of either of the two were never really high to begin with.

Wacha has pitched in 8 games, going 1-4 with an ERA of 6.62 in 34 innings while Porcello is going into tonight’s second game of a double header with a 1-6 record. Porcello, a New Jersey native, posted a 5.46 ERA while striking out 51 in the 56 innings he’s pitched.

While it was good to see some life from youngsters and veterans alike (Andres Giminez & Robinson Cano), the team will soon be under new ownership and there is no telling what this roster and coaching staff will look like next year or the following years to come.

Whether we’re winning or we’re losing, we’re watching because… well, we’re Mets Junkies!

2 thoughts on “We’ll get em’ next year

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