Three Mets that could be dealt away

No ones safe… well, Jacob deGrom is probably good being that he’s a back to back Cy Young award winner in the midst of an extremely friendly contract. That being said, the Mets have a handful of players that could serve as serious trade bait during this upcoming offseason.

Here’s my first list of three players that have a higher chance of being traded away than some of others on the roster.

Brandon Nimmo – Rumors have been swirling around former first round pick Brandon Nimmo since his first offseason after being called up. While many fans wonder if Nimmo is just a fourth outfielder (like myself), his OBP is just out of this world extraordinary. While it’s not necessarily his fault that he’s a lead off batter that doesn’t get to cross the plate often, he’s also ranked as the worst defensive centerfielder in all of baseball. Now that’s rough!! Especially since the positions going up the middle are usually the best defensive players on a roster. I imagine it’s also going to depend on if Steve Cohen can lock up Michael Conforto on a contract extension. One thing that Nimmo has in his favor is the potential return of Sandy Alderson, while Alderson almost traded Nimmo in the past, the connection between the two may work in the outfielder’s favor.

Amed Rosario – It seems many fans on the internet want to package Rosario up with Brandon Nimmo in order to get a front line pitcher, but why would an opposing GM do that? The pitchers market is so weak that if the Mets end up non tendering Steven Matz, he might end up being a decent commodity. If the Mets wanted to trade one or either of the two, they’d probably net a similar return for that player packaged with a mid level prospect. Andres Gimenez has shown he is more than capable on the defensive side and has even shown that he has the ability to handle the bat. While he may never grow to be the Mets lead off batter, he can hold his own towards the bottom of the lineup.

J.D. Davis – Davis has all the potential to be a monster in the box but is probably a career DH. Now the DH is likely to stay in the National League but with both Pete Alonso and Dominic Smith locking down First base and the DH spot, Davis may be the odd man out due to his lackluster play at third base. I really like J.D., however if the Mets end up keeping Conforto long term, he may be a player that is directly affected, especially since he doesn’t play any centerfield. I mean, there’s only so many players on a roster, right? It would be an extreme disservice to Davis and the Mets farm system if they kept him to keep him on the bench.

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20 thoughts on “Three Mets that could be dealt away

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  3. I do not want to hear about the DH in the National League In any reasoning until it’s official I would rather not go that route even if it does help the Mets. I rather be forced to trade Dom Smith then have the DH.


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