What will it take to get Realmuto?

The guys on the Shea Anything podcast had visited the idea on what it would take to acquire the soon to be free agent JT Realmuto to catch for the Orange & Blue.

Considering that Realmuto and the Philadelphia Phillies are somewhat apart on negotiations, I believe the catcher is looking for roughly $30M a season for at least six or so years.

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Now while I wouldn’t give him six seasons at $30M due to injuries as well as the rising stud of Francisco Alvarez, I’d highly consider giving Realmuto four years at $32M per. That would give the perfect amount of room and time to give Alvarez to develop.

Cornés Cut:

Do I think Realmuto is a great catcher, yes. Do I worry about him eating up tons of money past his prime, for years to come, also yes.

There is no doubt that Realmuto is as talented as it gets from the catchers position. But it is also the position that wears down the most of any of them. We have seen a lot of great catchers declining and being injured more often. Do you want to pay top dollar for that? I say no. Hence my idea to go after lesser year options instead.

We need better defense at the catchers position. Honestly I rather get a defensive guy and live with the offense and add a better bat elsewere and get pitching.

If the Mets get Realmuto, I sure hope to be wrong and root for him to do great. For now its a huge risk to me.

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8 thoughts on “What will it take to get Realmuto?

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