Burning Questions: Session 1

With the start of the Hot Stove getting closer and closer, it’s time to get some questions and answers, from your friends at Mets Junkies. What do we think will happen?

Will Rojas and BvW stay put?

Cem: I think Rojas has a chance, he’s been with the organization for about 300,000 years and knows the system pretty damn well. He has experience with many players on the MLB roster from when before a lot of these guys even had Major League experience. Managing a 60-Game season is a big difference from managing a 162 game season, let’s just hope for a full 2021 season. As far as BVW… he’ll be out.

MetsfanfromHolland: Rojas yes, BvW no. To me Rojas deserves a shot in a “normal” season, besides the fact that managers don’t make as much decisions as many people think. The managers job is getting his players behind the front office plans. Seems like Rojas is still liked and that’s a big plus for me. Players playing hard for the manager is the main thing a manager can do. Let the players believe the plans from front office and analytical department. BvW on the other hand has made some bad trades and free agent moves. While I didn’t dislike a lot at the moment they were announced, the results just weren’t there. In the meantime, the Mets gave up prospects and still missed the playoffs. New regime, new analytical department and new GM is the way I expect it to go.

Who will be the Mets opening day catcher?

MetsfanfromHolland: James McCann. With Sandy Alderson on top of the baseball organizations, I think the Mets won’t give out the deal Realmuto will get. Next best is James McCann, who will still get a nice contract, but not as much and lengthy as JT will get. McCann will be the bridge to Alvarez.

Cem: We all want Realmuto!! Ok, we’ll settle for McCann!! Oh, crap!! Wait, what about Salvador Perez?? While my bud Corné thinks McCann will probably be the opening day catcher, I’d like to revert to his article on Perez being a potential option behind the dish.

Which player on the current roster is most likely to get traded?

Cem: Amed Rosario might be on his way out of Flushing, Queens. MetNews put out an interesting trade proposal/mock trade that involved Cleveland and a couple of other big players. This may not be the deal that goes down, but Rosario could be at the top of the list of trade candidates.

MetsfanfromHolland: JD Davis. I really like JD but after another bad defensive season, I do not see a spot for him. The DH spot is already taken by Alonso/Smith and the Mets defense needs improvement in the outfield (move Nimmo to LF and get a CFder). Davis at third was hard to watch, so a bench spot is what is in store for him if he stays. IMO his value is still pretty good to get a solid return for him. As proposed in my article about getting Harrison Bader.

There will be three new questions next week. What are your answers to these questions?

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