Just how important is McNeil

While New York Mets fans completely adore Jeff McNeil and his gritty play, it’s becoming really clear that the Flushing faithful are not the only one’s tremendously impressed by McNeil’s abilities.

Late last season, rumors broke out that Cleveland and the New York Mets were in the midst of trade talks, and McNeil was repeatedly apart of the asking price. This led to Brodie Van Wagenen and the Mets to back away from any further discussions. At least, that’s what we were told last year.

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While we’re all assuming that McNeil is practically untouchable due to his incredible versatility across the diamond, there’s no telling what new ownership is going to do, who the new front office likes as well as dislikes.

But with McNeil hitting above the .300 mark for the entirety of his career, it makes it difficult to put a proposal out there with his name involved. Even with a powerful speedy shortstop like Lindor centered around the deal.

With the universal DH potentially on it’s way out for the 2021 season, the Mets already have Robinson Cano penciled in at second base and about 14 players rotating around the corner outfield positions, as well as third base.

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Cano will be quite difficult to unload due to the money remaining on the veteran infielder’s contract, and while new owner Steve Cohen could probably cover it like a wild drunken night out the town, it probably won’t be the Mets first go-to move.

And even if planning beyond 2021 with the DH being universal again (PBA will more than likely include DH), the Mets would still need to move either J.D. Davis, Brandon Nimmo, Michael Conforto, Robinson Cano or Jeff McNeil to make way for a more defensively inclined centerfielder (if not resolved already).

With McNeil being under team control till 2024 and Lindor hitting the free agent market after the 2021 campaign, the Mets will likely hold onto McNeil and keep tabs on Lindor when he does become a free agent. But again, there’s no telling what Steve Cohen and new management has planned for the future but I do imagine it to be extremely competitive.

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Photo: New York Mets Twitter Account (@Mets)

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