Syndergaard fires shots at Cash

After throwing 73 pitches tonight against the Dodgers in game six of the World Series, Kevin Cash decided to pull Blake Snell from the game. Twitter would of course take matter into their own hands, and one of those Twitter users happened to be Mets star pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

Via Twitter

Syndergaard has always been known to voice his opinions on Twitter and tonight has shown no different. While I see many fans say that he should dedicate this time to perfecting his craft, I like to see players voice their opinions on social media.

The tall right-hander has been vocal about his return coming in time for opening day of 2021, that remains to be seen. However, the team definitely needs him in the rotation, going forward.

Photo: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

One thought on “Syndergaard fires shots at Cash

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