Trading Rosie is a mistake.

I’m not the biggest believer in Rosario. The former top prospect has been an utter disappointment so far in his major league career. Since his debut in 2017, Rosario has collected just 2.1 bWAR over 403 games. Coming from a top prospect, that’s not what we hoped for, to say the least.

Still, this is the wrong time to trade Rosario. His value is almost gone and you won’t get anything worth while to trade him. Bad idea to “almost” give away a soon to be 25 year old shortstop, with 3 years of cheap control left. Consider that this is coming from a fan, who is very dissapointed with Rosario since 2018. It shows how I think about trading him now.

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Rosario his role will be different when he stays. He will be the back-up short stop, platooning with Gimenez (assuming the current personnel are still the main players for the position). In that role Rosario played well. He hit .366/.409/.463 from September on and hit .316/.350/.421 against lefties in 57 at bats. That will work well in a platoon with Gimenez.

On the defensive side, Rosario has struggled in his career. But since the second half of 2019, he is improved to a slightly below average – average shortstop. And I take that in the aforementioned role. Giving Rosario the opportunity to play in his strengths, gives him an opportunity to increase his value or have a strong platoon job with the Mets in the futures. Hence, he might take his starting role back?

Conclusion is, that Rosario still can be productive for the Mets in a limited role. This would increase his value and giving him up now, wouldn’t get you anything. Pretty logical what the Mets should do IMO.

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Photo credit to New York Mets (Twitter)

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