Could Beltran be back in the mix?

The Detroit Tigers have just announced that they’ve hired former manager of the Houston Astros A.J. Hinch to lead and manage the club going forward. Detroit wasn’t the only team in on Hinch either, as the White Sox have publicly acknowledged.

There’s also rumors swirling around that while the Boston Red Sox are interviewing candidates for the managerial position, Alex Cora hasn’t been fully ruled out and could potentially be the front runner.

This leads me to Carlos Beltran. If these other two disgraced managers are reapplying for identical positions from which they were fired and suspended, what’s stopping Beltran?

While Detroit is a great and popular city in the Mid-West region of the states, they seem to be a hockey and football city over baseball. This gives Hinch an opportunity to lay low a bit while trying to help rebuild and mold a bottom of the division type team.

However, Alex Cora might jump right back into the fire as he’s highly being considered to rejoin his old team, the Boston Red Sox. Now it’s no secret that Boston has a lot of similarities with New York, especially in pertains to sports media. Cora will not have the same luxury as Hinch in Detroit.

All this being said, why aren’t the Mets considering bringing back potential Hall of Fame centerfielder Carlos Beltran to take the helms once again. Of course, he never really led the team in the first place, as he was fired before he could ever take the field as the team’s manager.

Beltran did everything to win the job the first time around and there’s no reason on why he wouldn’t be able to do it again. Now, I’m not saying to just immediately sign him up and start the press conference. But with Cohen about to take over ownership and Sandy Alderson set to control the front office, the on-field staff and coaching crew will be heavily reevaluated.

I don’t know where Luis Rojas fits into that equation however since Alderson has worked for the Mets along with Rojas in the past, Rojas may be given another season to prove his coaching abilities.

If he falters for whatever reason, I expect Carlos Beltran to be one of the lead candidates to fill that vacated position. But time will tell and we still have a bit of it left to go.

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