Free agent target: Kevin Gausman

A lot of Mets pages talk about the big free agents. JT Realmuto, Trevor Bauer and George Springer are names mentioned as the Mets primair targets. However, I can not imagine the Mets signing the top three free agents this off-season, even with the Steve Cohen being the new owner.

So, let’s take a look at some of the free agents, lower in the ranks. First up, Kevin Gausman.

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Gausman, is coming off a strong showing with the Giants. The 29 year old pitched to a 3.62 ERA/3.09FIP over 59.2 innings. Gausman struck out 11.9 per nine and allowed just 7.5 hits per nine, both career best.

The swing and miss stuff that Gausman showed, was a major plus. He was in the 88th percentile in K% and in the 84th percentile in whiff%. Big part of that improvement is his use if his splitfinger. He has used his four seamer less and his splitter more. Hitters aren’t doing a lot on his splitter: .123 XBA .150 XWOBA .196 XSLG. Those are ridiculous numbers. Funny thing about his splitter, that the more he used it, the worst succes hitters have against that pitch.

His 2020 success is explained with an adjustment. Using his splitter (best pitch) more and more and getting great results with it. Reason I do believe Gausman can keep this success going forward. Overall in his career he pitched to a 4.23 ERA and a 4.06 FIP in 985.1 innings. So the hope his recent adjustment will keep his 2020 results.

Money wise, Gausman won’t break the bank. According to fangraphs, he will likely sign a deal around 2-3 years woth 12-14 mil per year. Solid arm for that type of money IMO.

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Photo credit to San Francisco Chronicle

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