Mets Trade Target: Trevor Story

Here weeeee go, again!!! Let’s just make rounds with shortstops that’ll be available in the near future. If the Colorado Rockies really want to cash in with Story, they’ll highly entertain trading him before the start of the season.

Why’s that you ask? Well, Story isn’t going to hit the Free Agent market till the 2022 season, that’s a full season after his compatriots at short hitting the market after the 2021 campaign.

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Story won’t be cheap fiscally nor with the cost of prospects. That’s understandable when you have an up the middle player that’s performing at such an elite level.

Story will cost $18.5M in 2021 before he hits Free Agency and that’s before paying in prospects and talent. And if the Mets decide to extend, I expect the built shortstop to make a move to third base by the time he hits the age of 30.

That would give Story two more years up the middle, but if the Mets chose, they can trade for Irving, Texas native and start him at short during 2020. Then if Cohen wants, they can slide Story over sooner than later and sign a Francisco Lindor or Javier Baez to man down short.

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Yes, this is all wild wishful thinking and the Mets would have to make a ton of corresponding moves to make this work, but with new ownership and management “throwin’ bows” from the jump, anything and everything is to be expected, especially the unexpected.

But looking at some of the statistics, you have to wonder if Story is just the next player to benefit from the thin Rocky Mountain air in Coors Field.

Story has 134 home runs and has averaged 36 bombs a season in his five years of Major League Baseball, however history has shown that those numbers do not translate when playing in Flushing, Queens.

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Story has played 12 games at Citi Field and owns a slash of .261/.306/.370/.676 with five doubles, zero home runs and four RBI’s in 46 at-bat. However, outside of Coors all together, Story has a .250/.315/.445/.760 slash line with 66 doubles, 50 home runs and 143 RBI’s in 1145 at bats. The shortstop has also accumulated 80 steals in 104 attempts throughout his career.

So while Story has a small samples size of work in Queens, his road numbers show that he can adjust to playing away from the hitters friendly Coors Field.

With Story about to turn 28 any day now, I expect the infielder to push for the highest paid contract available once he hits the market. If the Mets commit to Story past 30 years old, they will be burned unless they push him over to third.

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