Reaction: Duquette’s Potential Trade (Kris Bryant)

It sounds like that executives around the league are simultaneously down on Kris Bryant, perfect time to buy in, right? That’s if you’re trying to go against the grain. Recently a rival NL executive had said he’d find it hard to believe if Bryant could catch a deal with an AAV compared to the current $18M+ Qualifying Offer.

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With second baseman Robinson Cano being suspended for a second time PED violation, Jeff McNeil is poised to take over second base and that leaves a potential spot open in the hot corner that SNY analyst Jim Duquette has addressed in his own way.

Duquette would send over Kris Bryant to the Mets, for a the pair of either Andres Gimenez or Amed Rosario and number two prospect, catcher Francisco Alvarez. I’d imagine that the team would send Rosario over Gimenez.

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While some may say it’s time for the slugger J.D. Davis to take the lead, the power hitting right hander profiles better as a DH/1B/LF/&RF before a third baseman. While it’s extremely beneficial for a player to play many positions, with a player like Davis, it’s best to keep him at one spot, two the most.

Bryant would definitely be an upgrade over Davis at third base, defensively and even in the batters box. Yes the Mets would be paying more in prospects and financially, but specifically compared to JD Davis, it may be worth it.

However, Alvarez is a great player in his own right and with that productivity coming from a premier position like catcher, the Mets may decide to hold off… or at maybe offer a different package. Or maybe try and trade for an Arenado.

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While Bryant is better than Davis defensively, it’s not like he’s been a gold glove at the hot corner. In 2020, Bryant had a 0 OAA, +2 in 2019, and -3 in 2018 showing inconsistency at best.

I wouldn’t pull the trigger for Bryant. No, instead I’d look at the other huge option at third base in Arenado. We’ll later in another article take a look into why he’s the better option and upgrade at third base.

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4 thoughts on “Reaction: Duquette’s Potential Trade (Kris Bryant)

  1. These guys just talk to fill air time. There are no buyers other than (hopefully) the Mets and Dodgers and one or two others, maybe. Thats gonna deflate the FA market and as it does its going to choke the trade market too. Why would we give up assets when we have so little competition to sign free agents? And if they did think a Bryant trade was the way to go they arent paying for 1 year of control with prospects like Alvarez and Gimenez. Its a salary dump, the Cubs will have to take what they can get. Duquette is a moron.

    Richs opinion. Why would you trade your 2 best young prospects for Bryant when Justin Turner is available without giving up assets? If anyone understands markets its Steve Cohen, I think hes going to take advantage of this situation because its a buyers market. The media will tell you he spending like a drunk sailor because thats what they do, but Id submit that Captain Cohen knows there is VALUE IN SPENDING now as opposed to waiting until the market rebounds in the players favor. Thats how he made $14 billion.


    • Duquette’s proposal is non-sensical as you are not going to give the Cubs your number 1 and 2 prospects for Kris Bryant? Bryant hit 206 in 2020 so he is not going to cost the Mets a proverbial leg and an arm. The Mets would be better off signing Le Mahieu to play 3B, and if not DJ then sign Justin Turner, and make sure he has plenty of financial incentives depending on how many games he plays, how many at bats he has, etc. Trade Davis, and Rosario for Carlos Carrasco as the Mets need starting pitching for 2021. The Mets should have already signed Tomoyuki Sugano as another viable starting pitcher but once again Sandy Alderson moves slower than a dead jellyfish going backwards.


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