What it would take to get Bauer… and Snell

Ok, ok, okaaayyyyyy… yes, the word is that the Tampa Bay Rays might be interested in trading their lefty ace Blake Snell. That puts Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson in a unique position to both trade for and sign two of these top line starters.

As far as a Bauer is a concerned, Alderson and the Mets would need to touch base with the right-hander and his agent, Rachel Luba. Writer Tim Dierkes of MLBTradeRumors.com predicts that Bauer will get a four year deal worth $128M with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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So what would it take to land the righty? I’m guessing either a longer commitment or more money. I mean, it can’t be much more than that, right? While Steve Cohen won’t be out here spending money like a “drunken sailor”, maybe he could cough up some extra change to guarantee his arrival to Queens.

Now as far as the other named mentioned, the Mets and the Tampa Bay Rays would need to come together to get their terms in order for the Mets to get their grips on the Cy Young Award winning lefty Blake Snell.

While writer Corné Hogeveen was able to acquire Snell alongside with 30 year old centerfielder Kevin Kiermaier on BaseballTradeValues.com, I’ll propose a couple of more proposals with only the left handed pitcher.

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The Mets do have a decent problem at hand and it’s not with the lack of getting on base or power from in the batters box. The team has a surplus of corner outfielders and that’ll leave players like J.D. Davis and Brandon Nimmo more vulnerable to a trade.

They also have a surplus coming from the six-spot on the diamond… the shortstop position.

While it’s probably good to work out of where the Mets have an access of, naturally, I wouldn’t want to mess with the depth coming from the position. That could be the second most important player on the field, second to the pitcher. However, if you’re going to, you better try and get a player like Snell in return.

Via BaseballTradeValues.com

In the first proposal, the Mets are able to acquire Snell for On-base machine Brandon Nimmo and the defense wiz Andres Gimenez. This might not be the ideal place to start off for Mets fans, however, the Rays might be more inclined to look at this as they would receive two difference makers that would be immediately ready for their lineup.

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But what if maybe the Mets don’t want to deal this particular pair of players in this particular deal, and maybe the Rays don’t mind planning further ahead.

Via BaseballTradeValues.com

If that’s the case, the Mets then can package together a few prospects for the future along with JD Davis as an immediate power bat that would be a difference maker in the middle of that Rays lineup. This would also give the Rays a middle/end of rotation left handed starter in Szapucki.

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I would honestly hate to trade the youngsters in Matthew Allan and Brett Baty, so I probably wouldn’t pull the trigger on this particular deal however I do like the fact that it doesn’t include any of the shortstops. This would also leave the Mets better off defensively as this would all but guarantee Nimmo’s residency in left field.

So while the Mets may not be the front-runners to landing either player, the resources in terms of finances and talent to acquire both of these top line starters are there.

Photo from Michael Wyke/Associated Press

3 thoughts on “What it would take to get Bauer… and Snell

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  3. Why would you sacrifice Thomas Szapucki who is headed to AAA in 2021? He could be a starting lefty or perhaps a lefty closer. He has quite a few pitches that vary remarkably in speed, plus he is a pitcher who is usually around or right off the plate. He has reached 99 throwing from the left hand side. Szapucki is a keeper, as is lefty reliever Escorcha as trading them is not a good idea. Szapucki should make the bigs after July, and Escorcha is likely two years away but his variable pitches and spin rate, plus his hit fastball make him a guy to watch, and a guy to keep.


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