Chris Young is out. Owens the man for the job?

According to Joel Sherman, former Met starting pitcher and Princeton product Chris Young, won’t be BvW’s replacement. Chris Young has pulled his name from consideration for the job.

The GM and President of baseball operations search has been a long and difficult process so far for the Mets. Steve Cohen mentioned in an interview with SNY Steve Gelbs, that it has been surprisingly difficult finding candidates. This already ment the Mets won’t look for a President of Baseball operations right now and settle with a GM instead.

Main candidate right now looks like it’s Oakland A’s Billy Owens, which I’m a fan off. Owens has been in a rise thru the A’s organization from premier scout to assistent GM (his current job). He is seen as an analytic driven person. He is a baseball man who has worked for one of the best front offices in the game.

The search goes on and hopefully is getting to a close very soon.

Photo from San Francisco Chronicle

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