Time for Fonze? Eyyyyyy.

Today it was announced that the New York Mets have decided to part ways with bench coach Hensley Meulens. Meulens was brought onto the staff when the Mets had hired Carlos Beltran, I believe we remember the ending to that story.

We’re all aware that new owner Steve Cohen is a huge Mets fan, so this brings about the perfect opportunity for former infielder Edgardo Alfonzo to once again work at the Major League level.

Alfonzo was the head coach of the Single-A Brooklyn Cyclones as recently as the 2019 campaign. He wasn’t there as just a figurehead as the former Met took the team all the way to win the NY-Penn Championship.

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While Meulens will likely have no issues finding a job as a he speaks multiple languages, the same might not hold to be true for Alfonzo.

Yes, Edgardo Alfonzo is a fan favorite and will remain so within the hearts of Mets fans. However, the more Fonzie goes on without a job on the baseball field, the more unlikely he is to return. It’s not a knock on him, but out of sight, out of mind.

So personally, yes, I’d absolutely love to see Fonze serve as the third base or bench coach going forward. But that might be the same instinct in me that wants to see Bartolo pitch in one more game for the Orange & Blue (Not really).

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One thought on “Time for Fonze? Eyyyyyy.

  1. Bring him up to be an infield coach who could work with JD to improve his fielding plus our other young infielder. the Bonus he is a fan favorite.


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