Mets sign Trevor Hildenberger

The Mets have signed another Trevor from the Twins. This time, it’s Trevor Hildenberger. Hildenberger is a sidearm righty, with some succes in the majors. In 2017 he pitched to a 3.21 ERA in 42 innings. However, that’s most of his major league succes.

In 2018 he pitched in 73 games, pitching to a 5.42 ERA over 73 innings. A full seasons in the Twins bullpen. His FIP was at 4.53 in 2018, which could indicate some bad luck. He struck out 8.6 per nine.

He followed it up with some terrible numbers in 2019. He pitched to a 10.47 ERA over just 17.1 innings. His hits per nine was shockingly over 14. In AAA he pitched to a 4.30 ERA in 23 innings with a lower WHIP at 1.17.

Another depth move is never wrong plus I always like pitcher giving a different look. After we traded Villines we needed a new true submarine.

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

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