Brandon Nimmo 2021 predictions and projections

By Angelina Rizzo & Del Alba

Angelina’s take:

I personally feel that Brandon Nimmo still has a lot to offer the 2021 New York Mets. Here’s a glimpse of what I see him doing this upcoming season.

Rotochamp has Nimmo projected to hit 19 home runs and 57 RBI’s with a .389 OBP.

I think the Mets will fare slightly better in 2021 due to big name talent coming in. I’m going to predict Nimmo hits 21 home runs, drives in 63, has a .260 batting average, and a .410 OBP.

Nimmo could or could not accomplish more depending on if he hits a hot or cold streak, which can happen to any player. That is just life in the MLB. I think Nimmo will find his stride in 2021.

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Here’s a look at Nimmo the past two seasons.

In 2019, Nimmo hit 8 home runs with 29 batted in sporting a .221 batting average and a .375 OBP.

In the 2020 COVID-19 shortened season, Nimmo hit 8 home runs and drove in 18 runs while owning a .280 batting average and a .404 OBP.

I see Nimmo improving statistically in 2021.

Del’s take:

Via Del Alba

The big question about Nimmo’s projections is if the Mets are going to acquire someone else to man CF or not. If so, then this create a competitive environment for playing time. There’s no denying that he has a great eye and is a patient hitter that draws a lot of walks.

If the Mets do not acquire another CF, then I expect Nimmo to be on top of the order and be a big contributor to RBI for guy’s batting behind him. I would love to see him steal more bags to go along with a high OBP, but Nimmo just simply isn’t that guy.

I also expect him to continue brightening up the Mets club house with that radiant smile of his. It’s fun to watch him play the game with so much heart. I also project him to lead the league in BB walk speed, seriously one of the most fun things to watch about Nimmo is how he sprints after drawing walk.

Photo from New York Mets

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