Mets sign James McCann

The wait is finally over. The New York Mets and catcher James McCann have come to terms on a deal. McCann will make roughly $40M over the next four years. While the deal is still pending a physical, the catcher is now signed.

McCann will join Trevor May and Sam McWilliams as the newest signees under the ownership of Steve Cohen. This will of course kill all chances of Realmuto joining the team anytime in the near future.

The defensive stud has also shown strides of improvement in the batters box the last few years. According to Mathew Brownstein of Metsmerized, McCann’s hard hit percentage has jumped up drastically.

In 2017, McCann had a hard hit percentage of 34.5%, in 2020 its jumped up more than 13% with a 47.8% hard hit percentage showing that he’s barreling up on the baseball.

Overall McCann is coming off a great season in 2020. He hit .289/.360/.536 (896OPS) and 144 OPS+. These are great numbers for a catcher who provide solid defense. McCann has also improved mightly in framing over the last season, something he struggled with in 2019.

Getting McCann is a major upgrade and the cost isn’t as much. This means other big name free agents can be had. Great move.

Source: Ken Rosenthal

Photo: USA Today

2 thoughts on “Mets sign James McCann

  1. I just got to say this bro you’re an amazing writer dude. I feel like I’m looking at an article from ESPN. As a Mets fan we are lucky to have brother👍 #LGM


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