Semien for short and Gimenez to third?

With the Arenado talk from today and me not agreeing with that idea, I wanted to share another idea to consider. This is without trading away assets, improve the defense and having a trade piece left to trade away and get some talent back. This also gives us the opportunity to pounce on the free agent short stop class in 2021.

Let’s start with the first move. The Mets signing Marcus Semien to an one year 14 mil dollar deal to be our every day short stop. Semien is coming off a down year in 2020, but was one of the better players before 2020. And again, 2020 was such a strange year we can take with a grain of salt.

Semien piled up WAR in 18 and 19 having a 4.7 WAR in 2018 followed by a 8.6 WAR in 2019. This comes from terrific defense and solid hitting 2019. In 2019 he had a .892 OPS and a 139 OPS+ to go with terrific defense at a prime position.

Next up is moving Gimenez to third for most of the games. If you need offense over defense (with a strikeout or fly out pitcher on the mound) you can play Davis over there who provide more thumb. Gimenez OAA at third was a plus one so he is a clear improvement defensively. He also provides flexibility around the diamond, something Jared Porter mentioned. With him, Rosario and Guillorme able to move around, it gives you tons of depth around the infield with solid defensive guys. Plus, like a mentioned, a bat first guy if needed.

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It also gives you an option to trade JD Davis for close to MLB prospects to add to the future plans of the Mets. If they want to go that way, they have the flexibility. It’s not a must so wouldn’t put the Mets into a bad position in the trade talks.

Last and not least, it gives the Mets the financial flexibility to add a major shortstop in the major free agent class next year. Lindor, Story, Seager, Correa and Semien are all eligible for free agency and this could give the Mets a huge opportunity with only one year deal for Semien.

You get Semien who wants to rebound and be the 2019 Semien. You add flexibility in Gimenez/Davis to third depending on what’s best in which occasion. It also doesn’t handcuff you financially.

Photo from Harry How/Getty Images

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