Blue Jays vs. The Mets part two: LeMahieu

Jeff Passan not only mentioned the Blue Jays vs. The Mets in the Springer sweepstakes, he also mentioned both teams in for D.J. LeMahieu. The 32 year old is coming off back to back great seasons in the Bronx, but he might be to costly for the Yankees.

There is no doubt that LeMahieu is a great hitter. In 2019 he finished 4th in the MVP voting. His slash line in that season was a terrific .327/.375/.518. He followed that up with finishing third in 2020 with an even better slash line at .364/.421/.590. LeMahieu doesn’t strike out a lot and makes a ton of hard contact. He can play 2nd and some third and first, so that adds flexibility.

However, to me, the fit isn’t as good as Springer. With McNeil in house and LeMahieu best position, you have two players who prefer second base.

That being said, you can’t deny LeMahieu as being a great fit for our lineup. He will be costly as he reportedly seeks a 5 years 125 mil dollar contract. Worth mentioning that the Mets for 21/22 still have 20 mil per year left on the books at second base. That would make the second base position extremely costly, with an in house option in McNeil.

Like I mentioned, Springer is my top choice. But there is no shame in talking up the price for your main competitor for other additions in this off-season. Seems like the Blue Jays and Mets will be the big spenders. My guess is, one gets Springer and the other get LeMahieu. If the Mets lose out on Springer, they could go for LeMahieu. But don’t count the Yankees out as well.

Photo by: Elsa/Getty images

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