Meet the Mets Prospects: C Francisco Alvarez

The Tools and Rankings
Hit: 60 / Power: 50 / Run: 40 / Fielding: 55 / Arm: 60
Top 100 Prospect List: 58th
Top 10 Catching Prospect List: 4th
Top 30 Mets Prospects List: 2nd

Baseball America
Hit: 60 / Power: 50 / Run: 40 / Fielding: 60 / Arm: 60
Top 100 Prospect List: 61st
Top 20 Catching Prospect List: 5th
Top 10 Mets Prospect List: 1st

Alvarez was signed by the Mets in 2018 out of Venezuela for $2.7 million. He ranked 17th overall in the 2018 international prospects list which was headlined by Victor Victor Mesa. Depending on who you ask, Alvarez is considered to be the Mets #1 Top Prospect over SS Ronny Mauricio. This is due to the breakout debut he had in 2019 where as a 17 year old he crushed the opposition in the Rookie Appalachian League and Gulf Coast League.

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This debut quickly put Alvarez on the radar and landed him on top of multiple top 100 prospect lists, and left many excited for an encore 2020 season. That was of course until the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled all the minor league games for the 2020 season.

The pandemic affected Alvarez on a much more deeper level. The Mets invited the top prospect to Port St. Lucie for Spring Training before the pandemic put a halt to all baseball activities. Simultaneously, Venezuela, the youngsters home country placed a travel ban due to the pandemic, which caused Alvarez to stay stranded in the United States. Alvarez was supposed to play in the Australian Baseball League for Sydney Blue Sox during 2020 season, but the youngster was battling homesickness and as a precaution, the Mets sent him to be home with his family for Christmas.

Via Blue Sox

Scouts love his build. As a young teenager, he spent a lot of time working for his father’s construction company which is probably why he has such strong hands and forearms. Scouts consider Alvarez an offense first middle of the lineup Catcher.

Defensively he is considered average at best as he had 15 passed balls in 27 games during his 2019 debut season. It is believed that this is due to a new technique that he is working on. He also tends to overthrow to 2B which on stolen base attempts. Hopefully Alvarez can improve his defense while in the Minors. Scouts also have noted that he’s pretty agile behind the plate. Mets signing McCann into a 4 year deal, eases the need to rush his development. ETA for Alvarez is 2023.

Based on the limited information that I have from reading scouting reports and 2019 debut, I can’t really come up with a good comparison. I have seen Salvador Perez comparison from other writers. To compare him to former Mets catchers, I would say that the range could be anywhere from Travis D’arnaud to Mike Piazza. Both of which are known for their very good bat but fringy defense. Alvarez could very well improve his defense but I think it is still too early to make the assumption that he is going to be a gold glover at the position. Regardless, the future is bright for Alvarez and I am eager to watch what he will bring to the farm next season. I am sure plenty of teams would love to get their hands on Alvarez, it will be a challenge for Porter and Sandy to not give him up if they were to acquire a superstar.

(Photo by: Metsinsider MLB Blogs)

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