Meet the Mets Prospects: SS Ronny Mauricio

The Tools and Rankings
Hit: 50 / Power: 60 / Run: 40 / Fielding: 50 / Arm: 60
Top 100 Prospect List: 57
Top 10 SS Prospect List: 9
Top 30 Mets Prospects List: 1

Baseball America
Hit: 50 / Power: 60 / Run: 40 / Fielding: 50 / Arm: 60
Top 100 Prospect List: 60
Top 20 SS Prospect List: 11
Top 10 Mets Prospect List: 2

Ronny Mauricio was ranked the number 11 prospect on the 2017 international rankings, the same class where Shohei Ohtani was ranked number 1 and Wander Franco ranked number 2. The Mets signed him out of Dominican Republic for $2.1 Million.

Mauricio has been described as being “lanky and long-limbed” by scouts. He is currently listed at 6’3″ and weighing only 166 lbs. but he is expected to develop some muscle mass as he matures. Baseball America say that the switch hitter makes “loud contact with an easy swing from both sides of the plate” and that he “adjusts well to breaking and offspeed stuff, but he tends to be overaggressive and puts too many pitchers’ pitches in play.” reports that “Mauricio is more advanced from the left side of the plate. Though he doesn’t drive the ball consistently yet due to a lack of strength and because the length in his swing yields a lot of weakly-hit, ground-ball contact (53.6 percent in ’19).”

To quickly summarize what Baseball America,, and other reports that I have read on Ronny, they mostly agree that he projects to eventually be a power hitting infielder. Whether or not he sticks at SS, remains a question. He has below average speed but is praised for his athleticism and arm strength. It is expected that long-term Ronny will be pushed out of SS, probably towards 3B when he finally fills his frame and that he will have above average power. He is not expected to be a stolen base threat, as he currently possess below average speed.

To Avoid any confusions, orange numbers above represent Ronny Mauricio’s Appalachian league numbers where he was about 3 years younger than the league average player. He only played 8 games at the level after doing well in the Gulf Coast Rookie league, where he played 116 games. As mentioned before, he had a very high ground ball rate, which could probably account for why his OBP was so low. With the exception of the 8 games he played in the Appy league, Ronny was able to maintain a K% rate of under 20% which is impressive for the youngster.

I believe when he gets stronger (assuming that grows into his projected frame), the GB rates should decrease significantly and he’ll have a higher line drive% and FB% and he’ll be able to live up to his 60 grade strength ranking. If he’s able to learn to adjust his aggressive approach, draw some more walks, and hit for more power, I think his OBP would be much higher.

In conclusion: Ronny has a high ceiling due to his projected frame and the contact he makes from both sides. He’ll have to start putting some meat on his bones as he matures and be more patient if he is expected to live up to the hype. I want to see how he handles more advance pitching before I can make any comparisons but he is going to be a power hitting SS who will eventually be pushed to another infield position when he gets older. He definitely remains on the top of other teams wish list when it comes to trade talks. If the Mets do decide to move him, I expect an all-star caliber player in return from the team according Mauricio.

(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

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