Mets Should Pounce on Bryant

The Cubs salary dumped CY Young runner up Yu Darvish today, as they got a terrible return for a pretty darn good pitcher. It shows the Cubs want young talent and are willing to take a lesser package, to get ride of contracts.

The Mets should pounce on it and try to get Kris Bryant. Bryant is coming off an off year year were he hit just .206/.293/.351. Worrisome is his lack of power and hard hit contact.

Baseball savant

However, Bryant was terrific in 2019 with a .903 OPS. He also played stellar defense at third with a plus 2 OAA. I would take 2019 Bryant at third any day.

With the Cubs just giving away players for financial release, it’s a fit for the Mets. The Mets don’t have the prospects the Padres (for example) have to trade. However the package will be very light and I think Bryant is worth a shot for around 19 mil.

These type of targets are the most likely off all. The Mets should be careful trading the prospects they have. In comes Bryant.

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3 thoughts on “Mets Should Pounce on Bryant

  1. ??? Yesterday Mets Junkies told us not to panic, and I agree. So not panicking means trading for Bryant? I dont think so. I like Bryant, but if you let Kim go because youre not focused on adding infielders than you arent using prospects (see SC tweet last night) to bring in Bryant.

    Lets all stay calm. The big fish are not ready to sign and yesterday may or may not speed that up, we´ll see, The boss clearly wants players too, you can see it in his comments, hes dying for a splash. But this has to be done with money while we husband the prospects. We will get Springer and I hope Bauer but definitely more arms too. You have to wait for the market to roll, if you force it you will make a mistake. The big 4 are trying to get more teams involved to try to up the anti. Until they decide its time sign, its not time.

    I will say this. My take on SC is it only makes him more intent on paying what he needs to pay to compete. The LTL is not safe. 😉


  2. I’d rather the Mets trade for Carlos Carrasco by sending minor leaguers Dibrill (RSP), Mazeika (C), and MLB SS, Amed Rosario to the Indians for Carrasco. Turn around and sign Sugano (RSP), sign Justin Turner to play 3B with Alonso, Guillorme, and Davis spending some time at 3B when Turner needs a day off. Guillorme also will play games at SS when relieving Andres Gimines, and also spending time at 2B when McNeil needs a breather. Sign McGee and Hand as lefties out of the bullpen, sign either Yates or Hendriks to be the closer, sign Curt Casali to be the backup catcher to McCann, and last but not least sign Springer to play CF.


    • I do like how you think. However a couple of things. How can we stash those three guys in the bullpen? The pen is already crowded.

      Alonso isn’t a third baseman. However I like JT but don’t see him returning to the team that non tendered him (not sure obviously, but could see that as a reason).

      Trading for Carrasco is a terrific idea my colleague Del has wrote an article about. I also like Sugano so all for that


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