Mets Shouldn’t Overreact

The Padres are improving there team in a big way. Trading for two great starting pitchers in Snell, Darvish (looks like its close) and signing Kim. Loads of Mets fans are waiting for the Mets to make a splash of their own. Sign Springer? Sign Sugano? Sign Bauer? Get Hendricks? Trade for Musgrove? Gray? All options to consider.

With the Padres doing so much in so little time, doesn’t mean the Mets should too right now. There are so many options still on the table to mighty improve your ballclub. Overreacting right now, could mean overpaying.

As we see in the majors the main clubs that spend are Padres, Blue Jays and the Mets. Those are the only teams that were in on a lot of players. The Blue Jays and Mets have been patient but both can’t get all good players. Being patient might get some players for a lower contract then expected.

So Mets fans. Have patience! Do not overreact.

Photo by: Jim McIsaac/Getty images

2 thoughts on “Mets Shouldn’t Overreact

  1. Pretty sure the only people panicking are the fans. How silly people are acting. Its embarrassing and disrespectful to SC who is doing so much to interact with fans and create a community. He always says how smart we are, watching fans today I have to question that opinion.


  2. all the talk, “gourmet aisle”, spend, WS in 3-5 years…a couple of mid tier FA’s and nothing… we have to be patient while the Padres are actually doing something. 😦


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