Springer Seeks 150 Million.

According to SNY reporter Andy Martino, George Springer is seeking 150 million in free agency. That will most likely mean Springer wants a 6 year deal (25 mil per year).

Most fans are good with the Mets giving Springer the projected 5 year 125 mil, so maybe an extra year is something many fans would like. However, according to the rumors, the Mets and Blue Jays are the teams to battle each other and if they both don’t budge, Springer might eventually budge?

This would be an interesting race for Springer, which could go far into January according to the sources. So buckle up Mets fans! It can take weeks.

Photo by: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

4 thoughts on “Springer Seeks 150 Million.

  1. For me its there to be done. You had to figure $25 million was the number, thats fine. For me you do it but maybe you could do 5 at $27.5 for $137.5 then a club option for the 6th year at $15. This is really much closer than being reported but it will take time, fans need to relax.


    • Fans definitely need to relax. It could be done, however if other rivals to get him do go 6, why should we? I’m good with waiting him out


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